I learned the principles above while working for IBM 40 years ago. Since that time, I've spent over 35 years running my own businesses, helping both Fortune 500 customers as well as a host of mid-sized organizations. What I've observed over and over, is that building customer loyalty requires more than providing quality products and services. The entire organization must really listen to customers and respond to their needs.

Throughout my career, I've concentrated on developing loyal customers while focusing on the design, development, marketing, sales, and support of business systems and technology. I started SOFTRITE Technology (www.softrite.com) in 1984 and have been providing technical services to our clients for over 30 years. Over the past few years, I've become more focused on consulting, helping startups and mid-size businesses in a variety of ways.

All of this has caused me to pay attention to how customers are treated everywhere I go. What I've observed, is that customer loyalty is directly related to the focus management places on their customer experience. I firmly believe that my committment to our customers explains why SOFTRITE has had customers doing repeat business with us for over 10, 20 and in one case 25 years.

I encourage you to look over this website and the main SOFTRITE website to see how I've been able to help other clients, and see what some of them think of the experience they've had with me and my company.

  • Do you have projects you need help with or have not had the time or staff to address?
  • Are you interested in better understanding what your customers think of your organization?
  • Do you need someone to provide input and guidance?
If so, I'd appreciate the opportunity to talk with you and see if I could help.

- Denny

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