You've come to the right place!
I have a broad background and experience with a wide variety of
projects. I'm a passionate problem solver and project manager,
obsessed with taking care of customers and helping my clients
do the same. Here's a few of the ways I may be able to help you.
Evaluate your Customer Experience and Recommend Needed Improvements

  • Conduct Customer Loyalty Surveys, analyze results, and assure that all customer feedback
    is followed-up with as appropriate with necessary action items being reviewed and assigned
  • Interview customers and compile an independent assessment of their experiences with your organization
  • Meet with your team, observed them in action and identify needed improvements

Evaluate your systems and define requirements for new solutions

  • Interview your system users to identify redundant records being maintained, innefficient and manual processes, and needed management information
  • Evaluate your IT support services, identify problem areas and recommend new procedures to improve user experience
  • Help management communicate effectively with technical staff or outside vendors to clearly define requirements, expectations and deadlines
Manage short term/part time projects

  • Define requirements
  • Identify needed resources/vendors
  • Coordinate and manage staff and vendors
  • Identify and solve problems